C2 – Alcohol

There are three different types of Alcohol molecules – 1. Primary Alcohol; is when the -OH is at the end of the chain. 2. Secondary Alcohol; is when the -OH group is attached to a carbon atom bonded to two alkyl groups. 3. Tertiary Alcohol; is when the -OH group is attached to a carbon […]

Reactions of alkenes

Alkenes typically take part in electrophilic addition reactions. 1. In this reaction shown above – there are delta charges in Bromine molecule, and delta positive bromine atom is attracted to the double bond of Carbons (as there are 4 electrons in the double bond). So the Bromine molecule is added across the double bond. 2. […]

Substitution reaction in Alkane

Subsritution reaction has three strps – 1. Initiation In the reaction shown above, bromine is initiated under UV rays forming Bromine radicals. 2. Propagation There are two steps in propagation; -Firstly, Ethane reacts with Bromine radical. A single C-H bond is broken by homolytic fission, forming a ethyl radical and HBr. -Secondly, the ethyl radical […]

Functional Groups

Functional Groups Name Displayed formulae Suffix General Reaction Alkane   -ane Combustion, Cracking Alkene   -ene Addition, Polymerisation Alcohol   -x-ol Mild oxidation, Elimination Aldehyde    -al  Oxidation/Mild reduction  Carboxylic Acid    -oic acid  Typical acid reaction  Ketone   x-one Good Solvent Halogenoalkane  etc. Flouro- Chloro- Bromo- Iodo-