Reactions of Benzene

Electrophilic substitution   – electrophilic substitution by nitration The electrophlie is attracted to an electron rich ring, and the electrophile accepts a pair of the pi-electrons from the delocalised ring to form a covalent bond. The H is substituted by an electrophile, and the delocalised pi-electron cloud has been disrupted and the intermediate is less stable. The […]

A2 Chemistry – All about Benzene ring!

Discovery of Benzene C6H6                                   Properties of Benzene Benzene is a clear, colourless, aromatic hydrocarbon which has a characteristic sickly, sweet odor. It is both volatile and flammable. Benzene is highly stable, but it does react with electrophiles in substitution reaction. What is special about Benzene? Benzene has bond angle of 120°, because it […]