Lap report – Titration

Titration Equipments/materials used: – Burret – 25ml pippett – Pippett filler – Cornical flask – HCl – 25ml unknown base solution – Phenolphthalein – Standing clamp Procedure: 1.Set up the equipments as shown below; 2.Put 100ml of HCl into the burret and measure out 25ml of unknown solution using pippett and the pippett filler and […]

Lab report

Finding the relative atomic mass of an unknown metal by collecting gas Equipments/materials used: – 1.00moldm-3 of HCl – Weighing scale – 250cm3 measuring cylinder – 25cm3 measuring cylinder – Cornical flask – Delivery tube – Spatula – Bowl – Unknown metal, X Procedure: 1.Set up the apparatus as shown below; 2. Place between 0.15-0.20g […]